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After a frustrating first quarter of the year when we hit the woodwork more times than we care to remember, April saw us record three victories & a close second from just seven runners. Prince...more

With Spring just around the corner, we are this week launching a new SYNDICATION SERVICE (click on LRS SYNDICATES at the top of this page for full details) which offers racing enthusiasts the opport...more

We are offering two free 5% shares in INSOLENCEOFOFFICE who is ready to start his 2017 campaign shortly. This is a unique opportunity to become a racehorse owner for NOTHING!! The share would be own...more

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Stella Barclay - Assistant Trainer

A horsewoman of distinction and great experience, Stella works alongside trainer, Richard Ford, to maximise the results of Lancashire Racing Stables. A lifetime spent rearing, riding, racing and caring for horses and thoroughbreds gives Stella an excellent grounding for this vital, day-to-day role.

Stella Barclay with Paul clarkson

Stella with LRS Director of Racing Paul Clarkson

Her in-depth understanding of all things equine ensures that the thoroughbreds at Lancashire Racing Stables are not just well-trained but also cared for with excellence and devotion. Before Lancashire Racing Stables took over her life, Stella was a partner in Barclay Racing Services which provided a variety of services for racehorse owners including livery facilities for horses resting or out of training, the breaking in of young stock etc.

She also has her own band of broodmares and regularly attends bloodstock sales both in this country and in Ireland in her capacity as a Bloodstock Agent for LRS’s sister company, Lancashire Racing Bloodstock Services.