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Paul Woodall - Farrier

Paul has been shoeing horses for almost 30 years, holding the Associate qualification since 1990, and in 2002 he became the first farrier in the country to hold a Master of Science qualification. IN 2016 he was voted FARRIER OF THE YEAR in the Horse & Hound annual awards.


Prior to becoming a farrier, Paul was a qualified time-served blacksmith and studied engineering at Bolton technical college. He then trained under the world-renowned farrier, D Duckett FWCF. This background enabled Paul to approach shoeing without any preconceived ideas.

As he explains: “The experience I have gained in shoeing International dressage horses, remedial work and working with foals has shown me the benefits of correct balance and the disadvantages of incorrect balance. In racehorse terms, an unbalanced horse becomes fatigued sooner. Conversely, as a balanced horse won`t have a higher terminal speed but he will be able to run as fast as he can for longer, hence making him faster over a distance of ground. These facts are borne out by research.”

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